Story in the Public Square TV and radio broadcasts year-round from our flagship station, Rhode Island PBS, in Providence, Rhode Island, bringing some of America's finest authors, poets, artists, filmmakers, journalists, musicians, still photographers, scholars and other great storytellers to television, the Web and nationally on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. We also podcast every episode on iTunes, Spotify and other channels. We have been honored to receive multiple Telly Awards for our program. Also, we have been honored with the Newport Historical Society's first History Starts Here Award. Following the September 2018 coast-to-coast launch, the program as of June 2024 is carried in 22 of the top 25 markets in America, 45 of the top 50, and 83 of the top 100, with more than 84% of national coverage and nearly 500 weekly airings. The 13th national season begins in July 2024. I co-host and co-executive produce with Jim Ludes.

In May 2024, I was accepted as a member of The Producers Guild of America, which represents more than 8,400 TV, film and emerging media producers, most of them working in Hollywood or New York. I was accepted for my work on documentaries and Story in the Public Square. A big honor, needless to say!

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Published in May 2024: The paperback edition of the second horror novel set in the haunted shadow of Thunder Rise.

First published in 2000. The True Story of the Maverick Who Pioneered Open Heart Surgery.

My 21st published book, from Crossroad Press, based on my four-plus decades as a professional journalist. Published in the fall of 2023. Available in print, eBook and AudioBook editions. ORDER UNFIT.

I am at work on my 22nd book, a novel. Publication expected in 2025.

Toy Wars: The Epic Struggle Between G.I. Joe, Barbie and the Companies That Make Them, a critically acclaimed, best-selling book that has withstood the test of time, is now available as an audio book. Check it out! GET THE AUDIO VERSION.

In November, 2022, I left my longtime position as a staff writer for The Providence Journal to found, direct and write for Ocean State Stories, a new non-profit, nonpartisan media outlet based at Salve Regina University's Pell Center. Our focus is journalism about issues that often are neglected or under-reported - stories that explore healthcare, education, public policy, socioeconomic and racial disparities and injustices, domestic violence, food and housing insecurities, the environment, agriculture, ageism, suicide prevention, mental health, veterans affairs, and developmental and intellectual disabilities, among others. They are told with data, expert input, and, importantly, the personal experiences of Rhode Islanders. We began publishing on February 7, 2023, and have published weekly ever since.

Published in 2022 by Crossroad Press: "Traces of Mary," my 20th published book. This is just one of the many great reviews: "In the best tradition of Stephen King and Robert R. McCammon, 'Traces of Mary' expertly blends genres to fashion a world drenched in chaos that mirrors the condition of Mary's soul in this psychedelic mindbender of a tale" - USA TODAY bestselling author Jon Land. The bottom line: As a city is engulfed in mayhem, events race toward a stunning conclusion in "Traces of Mary," a one-of-a-kind mix of horror, science-fiction, thriller and mystery. Order Kindle and print editions! Or if you prefer: the audio version, narrated by the great voiceover artist Chris Kenworthy!

Published in 2020, by Crossroad Press: Blue Hill, my 19th published book, in Kindle, print and audio editions, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Booktopia, Smashwords and other places Order now! About the book: Part thriller, part fantasy and farce, Blue Hill is mostly a novel about who and what matter most in this short life. And the reviews are favorable! With The Providence Journal calling it "A bold and bracing tale that challenges our perspective and sensibility, as it confronts us with the fact that reality is a relative term... While the setup is pure Harlan Coben or Joe Finder, the execution is more akin to Tom Wolfe's farcical approach in 'The Bonfire of the Vanities.' At times, that leads to rapid shifts in tone from potential thriller to a kind of parody which works, thanks to Miller's elegant command of his story." Read the full Providence Journal review and others at the Reviews page.

Now in Kindle and paperback, one of the most inspirational stories I have ever told. The Growing Season: Frank Beazley and the meaning of a life really is a story unlike any other. I am donating all procees from sales to Advocates in Action Rhode Island, a wonderful organization. Frank would surely approve!

My 17th book, "Kid Number One: A story of heart, soul and business, featuring Alan Hassenfeld and Hasbro," was published in hardcover and Kindle and Nook editions on September 24, 2019. Read an excerpt, see exclusive photos, order the book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and elsewhere, Check out the Facebook Page. And follow @Kid_number on Twitter.

First published in 1998 and quickly a critically acclaimed best-seller, "Toy Wars: The Epic Struggle Between G.I. Joe, Barbie and the Companies That Make Them," was republished in October 2019 in both Kindle and paperback editions. This is the book that sets the stage for "Kid Number One" -- the book that USA TODAY called "a story that has everything: strong, handsome men, beautiful and equally strong women, corporate intrigue and family secrets" and The New York Times called "an absorbing, lively chronicle of a family-owned company and its inanimate offspring... entertaining and informative... engagingly written." Order the Audio, Kindle and paperback editions through the G. Wayne Miller books page.

A story a day in the month of May 2018: a retrospective of some of my non-newspaper work timed to coincide with my first major sale of a fiction piece, which was published in May 1985. Every day in May 2018, I published an excerpt or an entirety of a work produced away from the day job from 1985 through 2018, roughly in chronological order, and with background as appropriate: short stories, books, screenplays, treatments and films. Some were previously published, others not. So some days, you could look into the trunk. Thirty-three years ago, #33Stories. A bit contrived, yes. A bit interesting, hopefully. Of course, May has 31 days. I published no. 32 on June 1, and no. 33 on June 12, a day of particular significance to me. READ! Go to the table of contents for #33Stories.
In 2011, I wrote THE WAR ON TERROR: Coming Home, a Providence Journal series, my 16th, on veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The documentary from the series, COMING HOME, won a regional Edward R. Murrow Award and was nominated for a New England Emmy. Another public-service initiative in which I played a key role is The Journal's 2012 examination of the ailing Rhode Island economy in the Reninvent Rhode Island series. In February 2013, we published a 12-day commemorative series marking the 10th anniversary of The Station nightclub fire that killed 100; The Journal was a finalist for the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in Public Service for its coverage of the tragedy. In 2013, we published #eWave: The Digital Revolution, a continuing series about the impact of technology on our lives. Our 2014 contribution was Middle Class Squeeze, another year-long look at the economy through the prism of personal stories and an election year. Our 2015 effort was Race in Rhode Island, an in-depth exploration of one of the most pressing issues of our time. Started in 2014 and continuing into 2017: Mental Health in Rhode Island.

I am director and co-founder of the Story in the Public Square initiative at Salve Regina University's Pell Center in Newport, R.I. This year-round program to study, celebrate and practice storytelling in American politics and culture was established in 2012 and formally launched with a day-long conference on April 12, 2013, featuring former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart and two-time Pulitzer winner Dana Priest, of The Washington Post. The second-annual Story Day, on April 11, 2014, was also a great success. Our theme was Moving Images, featuring Pell Prize winner and keynote speaker Danny Strong, the Emmy-winning actor, producer and screenwriter of The Butler, Recount, Game Change and the Mockingjay Hunger Games finale. In June 2015, we honored best-selling author Lisa Genova with the third annual Pell Center Prize for Story in the Public Square. Our fourth annual winner was Pulitzer- and World Press Photo-winning war photographer and documentary filmmaker Javier Manzano, who received his award in Newport on June 21, 2016. Our fith winner was Oscar-nominated and peabody-winning documentary filmmaker Daphne Matziaraki, who received her award in Newport on June 5, 2017, and appeared on Story in the Public Square TV and Radio the weekend of June 24, 2017. Pulitzer-winning New York Times staff writer and bestselling author Dan Barry was our 2018 winner and he appeared on Story in the Public Square the weekend of May 5, 2018. See the list of all winners.

I write and produce feature-length documentaries, including
ON THE LAKE: Life and Love in a Distant Place, about the tuberculosis epidemic of 1900s America and globally today, nominated for a New England Emmy and broadcast nationally on PBS, and BEHIND THE HEDGEROW: Eileen Slocum and the Meaning of Newport Society, about today's old-money Newport, a world whose roots lie in the Gilded Age of Vanderbilts and Astors, also aired on PBS. The third documentary I wrote and co-produced is COMING HOME, based on my Fall 2011 Journal series. It premiered online Dec. 29, 2011, and was broadcast on Rhode Island PBS March 26, 2012, and later dates. Coming Home won a regional Edward R. Murrow Award and was nominated for a New England Emmy.

In the short-documentary category, I shoot, edit and produce a variety of films, on such major topics as Alzheimer's disease and neuroscience research, and less-significant (but nonetheless entertaining!) things as jelly fish meet autos, antique cars, and 'Proof of Heaven,' shot at some 30,000 feet. Not really proof of heaven... or is it?! All are on my YouTube channel.

On February 13, 2016, Story in the Public Square debuted on national and overseas public television as a monthly feature of the long-running show White House Chronicle. In the inaugural show, Pell Center head Jim Ludes and I, cohosts, discussed the stories and storytellers who were interviewed, starting with bestselling author August Cole the weekend of March 5, 2016, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author and New York Times staff writer Dan Barry the weekend of March 26, 2016. Links to subsequent broadcasts, including Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner, Brown University professor of Africana studies and hip-hop author Tricia Rose, Javier Manzano, and Raina Kelley, of ESPN's The Undefeated, can be found here. This was the precursor to the 2017 Story in the Public Square PBS TV and SiriusXM Satellite Radio, now nationally broadcast.

In my work, I have been privileged to receive access to significant people who are not always -- if ever -- accessible to all. Only a percentage of information they have shared with me makes it into my books and movies, so in the interests of open scholarship, I have donated hundreds of my original and exclusive taped interviews to historical organizations that will preserve them for others. My NASCAR collection is housed at Appalachian State University's Belk Library in Boone, North Carolina. My Newport Society collection is at The Redwood Library & Athenaeum in Newport, Rhode Island. My medical pioneers collection is at The Center for the History of Medicine, at the Harvard Medical School's Countway Library of Medicine in Boston. And in 2013, I donated some of my remaining archival material, including materials from my book KING OF HEARTS
, my Frank Beazley series, The Growing Season and my documentary ON THE LAKE to the University of Rhode Island Library Special Collections and Archives department.

The Los Angeles Times called THE WORK OF HUMAN HANDS: Hardy Hendren and Surgical Wonder at Children's Hospital "A song of suffering and redemption that is harrowing to read and impossible to forget." Updated to autumn 2012, with all-new introduction, epilogue and photos, from Crossroad Press.
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